The 2014 MLB Season is Just Right Around the Corner

By Brian Cavino

Pitchers and catchers are slowly making the way to Florida and Arizona, which means the 2014 MLB season is right around the corner. Whether you are a hardcore fan or just the occasional fantasy player on FanDuel, there are plenty of intriguing storylines heading into the season. Here’s a look at a few of the biggest.

Is Pittsburgh Legit?

The Pittsburgh Pirates surprised many last year when they finished with one of the best records in baseball. They will come into 2014 with a target on their back. Reigning National League MVP Andrew McCutchen will try to lead them deeper into the playoffs, but they will be stuck in one of the most competitive divisions in baseball.

Masahiro Tanaka’s impact

People in FanDuel leagues are already trying to decide just how dominant the new New York Yankees pitcher can be. He was signed for $155 million over the winter, and he should help the Yankees become contenders again. After having a season for the ages in Japan in 2013, he will try his luck against big leagues in 2014.

Replay Impact

There will be new rules involving instant replay in baseball this year, and no one is quite sure yet about what kind of impact it will make. Under the new rules put in place, a manager can request a review of up to two calls per game prior to the seventh inning. Everything from a hit by pitch to a trapped ball in the outfield can be looked at. It will definitely be a work in progress, but it should help to get more calls right without slowing the game down too much. Baseball is already getting to be too long, so many people feel that the addition of this new technology will turn off fans and make them not want to watch for as long.

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