Twitter Recap: The Night With All The Game Sixes (Part II)

By Robbie Marbury
PSDC Big Man 

Alright, now it is time for the second half of our duel doubleheader of game sixes. This round features Clippers vs. Grizzlies and Thunder vs. Rockets.

And just as any basketball fan would have expected, Joey Crawford won the night. The both of the Western Conference games that were played tonight were great, but they were overshadowed by an Elmer Fudd look-a-like with a whistle.

Oh well, the Thunder and Grizzlies start their round two matchup on Sunday. I know that Oklahoma City and Memphis aren’t really national brands, so let me be the one to remind America that this was the best series two years ago in the playoffs. And, the Memphis slogan of “We Don’t Bluff” came from a game between Memphis and Oklahoma City earlier this season, when Kendrick Perkins tried his tough-guy act on Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Z-Bo met him in the locker rooms afterward and received a $25,ooo fine for whatever happened. Later Z-Bo went on Memphis radio station 92.9 ESPN and told the Chris Vernon Show that this may be the Bluff City but we don’t bluff. So, if you thought Clipper/Grizzlies was hate-fueled rivalry, just wait until Z-Bo and Perkins lockup on the low-block.

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