Why Joey Gallo Needs to Stay in the Big Leagues

By Lindsey Jones
Texas Rangers Beat Writer

There is a lot of talk these days on what the Rangers should do with Joey Gallo when All-Star and Gold Glove third baseman Adrian Beltre comes off the disabled list in a few weeks. While the easy decision would be to send Gallo down to the minors, considering he is boasting a .190 batting average, the Rangers need to look beyond the below-mediocre average and look at what Gallo has done to help them get back to .500 and how he could potentially help them catch the Astro’s for the AL West title.


Lets start out with the obvious, Gallo has the most power of any Ranger player and maybe any player in all of baseball. He leads the Rangers with 12 homeruns so far this season, with Mike Napoli behind him hitting only 8. He is also tied for 5th in all of baseball with those 12 bombs.

Gallo also is tied for the Ranger lead in RBI with Nomar Mazara (26) and is 2nd on the ball club in walks (19), SLG (.537), and OPS (.849).

The good comes with the bad for Gallo, who leads the Rangers in strikeouts, something he has struggled with in his young career. So far this year he has 57 strikeouts in 157 at-bats (36%), which also leads all of baseball. The key to look at with this stat is how much Gallo has improved over past seasons. In his short stints with the Rangers the previous 2 seasons, Gallo racked up 76 strikeouts in only 133 at-bats (57%) and in the minor leagues those 2 seasons he had 289 strikeouts in 680 at-bats (43%). Gallo seems to have figured something out in 2017 and he isn’t a player the Rangers can afford to send back down the minors.

Adrian Beltre is coming off a strained right calf muscle and if I were the rangers, I would put him in the primary DH roll so that they don’t risk him reagravating that injury. That would move Shin-Soo Choo into playing the outfield consistently while Carlos Gomez recovers from his hamstring injury.

The Rangers owe it to their fans and to Gallo to see what this kid is capable of doing a full season in the majors. The strikeouts will always come with his power, that is just the kind of player he is. The fact that he has cut down on his strikeouts as much as he has so far this season, there is hope that maybe the game has finally slowed down for the young slugger and he can show us all what he is fully capable of.

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