WTF Weekly: Ronda Rousey Does Not Lose

By Jay Cox
PSDC Writer

If you like and watch UFC and boxing like I do, you have seen this and wondered what in the hell Cat Zingano was thinking Saturday night when she took on Ronda Rousey. If you do not watch UFC and other brands of fighting, I will give you a quick rundown.

Rousey is the one of the best MMA fighters in the world, woman or man. What she does best is submit people, particularly with the arm bar in the first round. So if you are fighting one of the best fighters for a championship and she is great at submission moves using your arms, it’d probably be best not to get on the ground with her. However, sometimes you cannot avoid going to the ground in fight. You have to go with the flow of the fight.

Cat Zingano did not go with the flow of the fight, instead she ran right at Rousey and tried to tackle her. WTF? Whoever in her camp had this idea should be fired. If she came up with it herself, she should be ashamed. Why would you try and tackle the best submissionist in the game? Needless to say Rousey won the fight and in record fashion. It lasted a lengthy 14 seconds. Zingano ended up in this position faster than I am when I am running to the fridge between commercial breaks.


What transpired next was Rousey rolling over and pulling Zingano’s arm up from the back, the wrong direction. The only escape for Zingano was to tap out. Her plan was so bad and so poorly executed that all she could say afterwards was I wish I could do it over again. Yeah, I bet you do. I wish I could get refunded that money I ponied up to watch you do something so dumb as to run right into a gigantic trap.

Side note: This made me just as mad as when I hear a couple behind me at a restaurant order for each other. You know when the waiter comes to the table and the guy says, “I’ll have a water and she’ll have a tea.” Will she have a tea because she wanted to or because you like your women drinking tea? Either way, it is stupid. Unless you have lost you voice or have some medical condition that prevents you from talking, just order for your damn self and move along but I digress.

My point being that is stupid and so was Zingano’s plan, or lack thereof.

This was an easy WTF moment for this past week. I am sure she would even agree with me if you asked. This is certainly not my longest article in this series but when the person’s dumb moment only takes up 14 seconds there is only so much you can say with out pummeling that already declared dead horse, or in this case that dead chance at the title that Zingano wasted. Props to Rousey, she continues to look unbeatable. She is definitely on another level in the bantam weight division of women’s UFC.

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