You Are Sick of the Cubs? TOUGH!

By Joe Hines

I’m sure Cub fatigue has set in for much of the baseball-loving world. As I’ve continued forth for the last 109 years, watching team after team, even the MARLINS, win world championships, the Cubs have lovably lost year after year. And when I say that I’ve proceeded for 109 years, it’s only partially absurd if you consider that each year counts as two for most of Cubs history. I’m only slightly older than halfway, so I can safely say that I have come along for each and every year. So when the Cubs won last season, I say I get to celebrate as long as I damn well want to.


After roughly 40 games of the 2017 season, the Cubs are floundering around the .500 mark, and the fact that I describe .500 as floundering when it comes to the Cubs, is all you need to know about how expectations have shifted at the newly gentrified Clark and Addison. What would ordinarily be cause for celebration is now fodder for angst among fans. We see the youthful foundation that Theo Epstein promised us when he took over, and wonder when Bryant, Rizzo et al. are going to mesh and leave the rest of the National League Central in the dust where they rightfully belong. But 2017 notwithstanding, the memory of last year will always be forefront in my mind, Kris Bryant clumsily fielding the swinging bunt, smiling as he slips and fires a bullet to Rizzo at first base, thus erasing the century-long futility and heartache.

Myriad pieces have been written since November of last year. I even have the skeleton of a book saved in my files, foolishly disregarding the fact that national and local writers have unfettered access, driving home the fact that the long journey is intensely personal, while others treat it as nothing more than a business opportunity. When I lose that sense of personal, is when I am no longer a fan. And as a Cub fan, that isn’t acceptable.

I know many of you are sick of hearing about the Cubs, and perhaps if the weather ever warms, I’ll do a better job focusing on this year. Until then, I bask in the glory of the most recent championship in sports. Each night is a celebration, each off day excruciating. For you see, I crave the words, “World Champion Chicago Cubs”, the words each broadcast begins with. The phrase that is pronounced by the championship flags that now fly at the corner of Clark and Addison in Chicago.

And if you don’t like it, tough. To the victor goes the spoils.


  1. Although I think the Patriots might lay claim to the most recent championship, I feel you all the way… Growing up watching players like Ernie Banks and Ron Santo never make it to the post season, I learned to love the Cubs the year of “the amazing Mets” – which means I’ve been there for five decades, watching the meltdowns and the selloffs and the “curse” manifested in so many ways, and all I can say is: “You go, Joe!” Fly that “W” wear your gear, and gloat, even if it’s only one season, gloat to your heart’s content, because we waited a lifetime to experience what so many never did: A Cub World Series Win – the pennant flying over Wrigley, the rings, and the bling and the memorabilia that were never available to so many Cub fans before us. We have the title, and we WILL be loud and proud!

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