Dallas Mavericks 2017-18 Outlook

By Darreck Kirby Project Shanks Creative Director Last season the Dallas Mavericks amassed just 33 wins against 49 loses to complete one of their worst seasons in recent memory. To put things bluntly, the roster Dallas walked into the season with provided little hope to fans eager to see the return of playoff basketball in […]

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Ezekiel Elliott Suspended 6 Games

After more than a year of investigating, the NFL finally issued a ruling on the Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence allegations from July of 2016. The sentence? Six games for something Elliott was never charged for, never even arrested for. Throughout the past twelve months, the waters of this case have been more than a little muddied, even at one point seeing text messages between Elliott’s ex and some of her friends suggesting she asked them to lie for her and corroborate her story. In the end, the Columbus  District Police determined there wasn’t enough evidence to move forward with charges. A short time later, claims arose again about an incident in Florida where supposedly Elliott had gotten physical with his ex in a car with other people. Once again, however, witnesses declined to corroborate the woman’s story. Florida police would also decline to charge Elliott with anything.

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College Football

Final Thoughts on Bob Stoop’s Legacy at Oklahoma

After writing last week about Bob Stoops’s surprising retirement just three months before the beginning of the college football season, Darreck Kirby decided he had a little more to say on the matter. Check it out here!

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Pop Culture

7 Nintendo Titles That Never Saw the Light of Day

Although it’s now considered the bronze medal of the gaming industry, Nintendo’s track record and long list of classics make it the indisputable king of gaming in the eyes of many. Since the early 1980s, the company has worked tirelessly to release a myriad of new video games every year, and until about 2009, they worked equally hard to innovate (fight me). Sometimes this innovation brought about abysmal failure, see the Virtual Boy, but in most cases the company found great success.

As with all ideas, not every one is a winner, leading to projects being scrapped for one reason or another. Unfortunately, the same can be said for some good ideas, as this list will show. But hey, some of these projects did eventually make it to production by means of repackaging… we’re just not sure that was necessarily a good thing. Without further ado, here are 7 Nintendo projects that never saw the light of day.

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College Basketball

March Madness: The Final Act

And then there were two. Josh Wiggins chronicles the journey to the championship for Duke and Wisconsin.

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